2019 E7 SUV



As sleek as it is efficient, the Mims E7 is a carefully crafted sporty yet spacious SUV design, showcasing highly sophisticated developments, built-in technology and design features to take any owner into the future of electric cars.


Originally designed as a concept car, the Mims E7 now joins the line up with its E-Line siblings, featuring our Infinity Drive power system which allows for 1,000 miles per charge via WiFi or at our charging stations. 


  The E7 has all the space you need, with 3 rows of seats that fit 7 passengers comfortably and opens up to enough room for just about any need. 


Performance and comfort is key and with enough room and infotainment to host both family and guests the E7 is your perfect ride. Whether you are picking up the children from school or colleagues from the airport, this luxurious, sports beauty is more than convenient it's a treasure. 


The E7 is a comfortable and sporty drive with surprisingly great maneuverability for it's size. It's drive-ability is as good off-road as it is with on road performance. It's perfect for your weekend site seeing joy ride. Packed with power and enough entertainment to keep the conversation going.


 In addition to its EV pioneering power system, the E7’s on board technology features music, 3D live TV and On demand video, GPS navigation, mobile Internet, and holographic on-line shopping features creating the fusion of entertainment, free on board universal teleconnection, a heck of a drive, and the heart of what you can expect for future Mims EV models.  

The E7 vehicle specifications


  • On board recharge and electrolyte swap capacity 24,000 miles before service 
  • 1,000 miles per charge with a 5-minute recharge time via Wi-Fi or at charging station 
  • Wi-Fi charge for up to 24,000 miles or 2 years before battery requires full servicing
  • Air cooled DC electric power drive motor with 372 HP and 460 ft·lbs. of torque 
  • Infinity Drive: 33 kWh continuous tri-power frictionless motor/generator/DCPC system 
  • DCPC electrolyte swap unit 33 kWh continuous flow/storage system 
  • McPherson independent suspension/Spiral electric windows spring
  • Mandatory full service interval: 24,000 miles 
  • Safety check service interval: 6,000 miles
  • Warranty: E7 – 100,000 miles
  • Front, Rear and All wheel drive available
  • Auxiliary generator