MIMS 2019 MPV E750




The E750 vehicle specifications


  • Electric power drive train with 372 HP and 460 ft per lbs of torque
  • Front, Rear and All wheel drive available.
  • 1000 mile range recharge system with a five minute, on board, re-charge time via WiFi and in station
  • WiFi charge for up to 24,000 miles or 2 years before vehicle must be serviced
  • Uses 4.5 Meters long body, similar optimal 
  • 7 Seats, three rows of comfortable seating space, third-row leg-room up 565mm
  • The entire car has 30 convenient storage spaces
  • Back resting point distance is 790mm w/ample leg-room 
  • The rear of the backrest is angled at 20 Degrees, allowing rear passengers to stretch out