CEO and Founder, Eric Mims of Mims Motors Corporation & Mims Power International

2018 Mims Signs for Its First Auto Dealership in Red Bank, NJ




Mims Motors Corporation is the first African-American owned car manufacturer in over 100 years and its proprietary technologies stand to revolutionize the EV industry. Through Mims, owner and founder Eric Mims has the vision to change how car manufacturers interact with not only the environment, but with the community in which they thrive.


Mims Motors seeks to provide the public a sustainable future for electric vehicles by providing charging stations that will serve as modular grid systems. Our mission is to reduce society’s dependence on coal and fossil fuels, both now and in the future



To provide customers with high quality, reliable, fun, and environmentally safe battery electric vehicles with sleek styling and performance to own and drive. 
















CEO/Founder, Mims Motors Corporation & Mims Power International

 Turning a natural curiosity for how the physical world operates into innovative products is at the heart of what Eric Mims has been doing throughout his life. From developing a toy electric car at a young age to the electric vehicles for Mims Motors Corporation, he continues to demonstrate that his innovative prowess has few equals. 


As a self-taught engineer with a certified IQ of 197, Eric has conceived, developed and prepared for production the following:

–    Self-charging smoke alarm {US Patent # 5,883,577}
–    Tri-Power System {US Patent Application 13/594,403}
–    Carbon Fiber Magnetic Motor system (“CFMM”) {US Patent Pending}
–    Direct Charging Power Cell system (DCPC”) {US Patent Pending}
–    Bi-polar carbon fiber battery/capacitor system {US Patent Pending}
–    MMC’s entire line of electric vehicles

Eric’s business acumen reflects his success in conceiving and developing new products as he has served as:

–    Founder & President, Energy & Technology Incorporated, which marketed the self-charging smoke alarm
–    Founder & CEO, Enigma Energy LLC, which garnered a $2.5 Million loan with the Nevada Department of Energy to establish a solar-powered electric vehicle charging station
–    Founder, IQ 196 Ltd., which operates as a licensing vehicle for Eric’s intellectual property portfolio
–    Co-Founder, 4M Marine Technologies, Inc., which operates under a license to use the CFMM and DCPC in selected marine environments

In his various roles, Eric has secured MOUs and/or Joint Ventures with highly-regarded automobile manufacturers who anticipate utilizing selected aspects of his intellectual property portfolio in their production vehicles. He is currently developing significant infrastructure projects in Nigeria, Cameroon, United States and other countries that will utilize the company’s technology in order to establish the generation of reliable and clean electricity.

He currently resides in Henderson, Nevada.

Mark D. Marshall

Director of the Board, Mims Motors Corporation & Mims Power International

 Mark has owned and operated several companies in the oil, gas, and gold mining sector.

 Mark has 40 years experience as an entrepreneur and businessman. He has worked in the credit union auto services industry contracting dealerships to service credit union members as preferred customers.

With his vast network and skills in management, marketing and facilitating venture capital he is honored to be on the team to serve and expand the vision nation wide and internationally. 

Don Shewchenko

Director of Mims Motors Corporation

 Don has 39 years of Energy Industry experience notably in key Management and/or Executive roles working in; Operations, Sales, Marketing, and Business Development. He incorporated his own company in Hong Kong in 2007 serving the China and Asia Pacific markets which he currently remains the CEO. 

 He brings a vast amount of experience in the International marketplaces after living in the Asia Pacific and the Middle East regions and doing business in the Eastern Hemisphere markets for over 30 years. 

Greg Lane

Executive Vice President -Mims Motors Corporation

 Greg Lane has designed and built several one off exotic sports cars including the all-electric Spyder open roadster. He was hired by Universal Electric Vehicle (U.E.V.) to design and build the Electrum Spyder in 1998. In 2004 he purchased the company to produce affordable EVs.

 This has led to the design, development and assembly of a unique E.V. drive train, and high performance all-electric sports cars.  He has also designed an innovative all electric 3-wheel, two passenger vehicle. His passion has always been car design and innovations including the new MIMS MOTORS “SAGE” E.V.  He has shown what that passion can lead to in designing and producing these all-electric vehicles from the ground up.  He has had experience in running his own successful company for the past 25 years, recently Law Enforcement Robotics and video security technologies.  Greg’s responsibilities will entail oversight of design, research and development, production and operations. 

Newman I.M Okechukwu

Vice President, Mims Power International (Africa)

 Mike is a business man with huge experience in oil and gas including renewable energy, he spent a long time in Europe where he built up a formidable network of business relationships, Mike is very skilled in opening doors with government and institutional bodies across Africa and beyond. 

Mike was born in Nigeria on the 24th of March 1966, his early education was in Nigeria, and then he moved to the Netherlands in 1988, where he obtained his university education and thereafter worked with HP Van Der Waal, a logistic and oil trading firm as personal assistant to the chairman, he later returned to Nigeria to join the management of a number of companies which included, Balami int, BAO group, Hyundai Int Trading as its managing director, IDAC and Sunbeam Energy. His wealth of experience adds value to the operations global reach of Mims motors corporation.


Leigh Killingbeck

Lead Engineer

Leigh has been with Mims Motors Corporation and Mims Power International since 2016. Seeing the massive potential in not just Mims Motors, but Mims Power International, Mr. Killingbeck joined the company in 2015 to help build the Sage, the second prototype car for Mims Motors. He brings a passion for cars and clean energy, as well as a successful track record of executing strategy and strategic thinking. 

Mr. Killingbeck has held a variety of business and engineering leadership positions throughout the course of his career. In 2006 he joined ATS Automation as a mechanical designer in their Oregon division and once in 2009 as a representative in Japan. In June 2011, he obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Oregon State University. Pursuing business, Mr. Killingbeck joined Modern Welding & Machine, a locomotive OEM manufacturer as the lead engineer and financial advisor shortly after graduating in 2011. In 2014 he founded IPSUM Manufacturing a precision manufacturing firm specializing in ultra-precision Swiss machining. 

Christopher Broughton

Director of Mims Motors Corporation

 NBC show 2018 Spirit of the law. Producer creator Writer
The boy who knew too much – 20th Century Fox Producer
Miracles from heaven – Sony pictures assist Producer to Devon Franklin
Tournament of dreams – HBO/producer assistant director
Coach Carter – Paramount. Behind the scenes producer in the making of director producer. 

 Showtime at the Apollo/segment director producer
American music awards – segment director producer
Soul train awards – segment director producer
BET awards – segment director producer 

Live – action suspense thriller
Spear of destiny – action adventure
The boy who knew too much – suspense drama
Electric cheery – action martial arts thriller
Onyx – action adventure
Pawn shop – musical dance action drama

Special effects designer/inventor

Award winning International Entertainer stage, film, television & music
CEO of publicly traded company Moxie Motion Pictures
CEO of Broughton entertainment Global multimedia & distribution company
Judge for the international Emmy awards 

H.E.L.P, board member this International organization rescues abandoned children
Autism Unites, board member this organization, assists with the socialization of autistic students